L’art du Massage DL: your professional massage therapy clinic in Mascouche

Take care of your physical health by offering yourself a professional massage therapy session! In my massage therapy clinic in Mascouche, I receive clients from Terrebonne, Lanaudière, Laval and the surrounding area! I have several specialties and my treatments are ideal for active workers and athletes who want to relieve their muscle pain and stay healthy!

Stay Healthy!

Take care of your health with my massage therapy, physiotherapy and orthotherapy techniques

Whether you are an office worker, a construction worker, an athlete or a retiree and you have frequent back pain? Are you looking for a professional way to take care of your physical health? My professional massage therapy clinic L’art du Massage DL offers a wide variety of treatments to relieve your body and release the tensions caused by poor posture and daily physical exertion. I also have training for treatments for pregnant women, children and babies.

My massage therapy techniques aim to energize the body while decongesting muscle tissue. I am specialized in the following techniques:



Massage therapy

Sport massage

Hot stone and shell treatments

Therapeutic treatment

Treatment with suction cup

Treatment for pregnant women

Treatment for children and babies


Lymphatic drainage

Neuro-proprioceptive taping

In addition to the services mentioned, I offer the following treatments:

  • Muscle and tissue decongestion

  • Diaphragm clearance

  • Myofascial stretching

  • Isoposture and isometry

  • Biocorporeal massage

  • Californian massage

  • Relaxation massage

  • Lomi-lomi massage

  • Sports massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Chair massage

  • Knap points

  • Oncomassage

  • Rhythmic oscillation

  • Thermotherapy

  • Facial aesthetic treatment

My mission?
Your well-being!

My mission is to provide a specialized professional service which aims to relieve pain, tension and aches caused by daily stress and bad posture. By using the effective means of massage therapy, physiotherapy and orthotherapy.

You will immediately feel at ease in my massage therapy clinic in Mascouche! I welcome a diverse clientele also from Laval, Terrebonne, Lanaudière and the surrounding area! I am affiliated with the FADOQ and I am part of the Association des massothérapeutes du Québec!

I want to make a real difference for my clients by allowing them to quickly regain a better quality of life with follow-up adapted to their needs. I offer professional, courteous and thorough service. I am passionate about massage therapy and I take care of my clients.

Please also note that all applicable COVID-19 regulations are applied with care in my massage therapy clinic.

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Address : 511 Croissant des Carouges
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Take care of your physical health and well-being through my professional massage therapy clinic in Mascouche:
L’Art du Massage DL.

I offer a variety of massage therapy treatments to revitalize your body and relieve your muscles of the tensions and stress that accumulate every day. Contact me to make a quick appointment and take care of your health!